how it works

1. deciding what to outsource

How It Works

You may need support with your admin tasks, help with a particular project, or with personal tasks. 

If you need some advice, please contact us for a chat or visit our Outsourcing Tips page


2. choosing your hours

choose hours

You’ll need to decide on the number of support hours you require.

If you’re not sure and need some advice, contact us or visit our Outsourcing Tips page


3. dedicated assistance

Help Desk

If you have any questions about our services, contact us and talk to our dedicated Support Assistants

Don’t worry, there’s no hard sell or obligation, our free consultation is simply a chance for us to find out more about your business needs.


4. intro offer

Intro Offer

When you’re ready to proceed and we’ve agreed on a start date, you can take advantage of our Intro Offer

Each Task credit is 30 minutes of support time at only £3.99  per Task.

There’s no contract and as we use PayPal, you’re security and peace of mind is fully covered.


5. client portal

Projects Directory

After you have given us details of a Projects you would like support with, we will send you Login details for your Projects Directory Portal.

There you will see a summary of those Tasks and Projects and the progress we have made on each.

5. Task lists


Drilling down into each of your projects, you can view all of the Tasks we are working on for you within each of your Projects. 

You can view the Tasks we are working on, the ones we have completed, a description of each Task, and the priorities and deadlines we have agreed with you.

6. regular updates

Drilling down to each individual Task, you have access to the Task discussion panel.

Here we will flag-up when the Task has been completed and add any update notes.

You can also add any update notes you want to share with us and update the priority of a Task