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Personalised Assistance

Dedicated & professional business assistance specialists

You’ll always be working with the same South West, UK-based dedicated & professional small business assistant specialist.

They’ll get to know your requirements, priorities and needs, ensuring you’ll always receive expert, consistent & amazing results!

Choose from the example tasks below or talk to us about your requirements.

professional business assistance specialist


Customer service

Daily tasks

Email management

Holiday cover


Report creation

professional business assistance specialist


Diary management

Event management

Family tasks

Personal tasks

Phone calls

Travel planning

professional business assistance specialist



IT Support

Project management

Social media



professional business assistance specialist


Business plans

Graphic design

Marketing plans

Market research


Bid management 

tight deadlines or over-scheduled?

Finding time to write your next blog post or to add content to your site can be a challenge.

Fixing issues or adding functionality can cost you time which costs you money

Let us help by doing your WordPress care for you 

Wordpress Support

managed websites

Managed Websites

Remove the hassle of building and managing your own website

We build and design your site for only £25 plus hosting on our UK servers for only £5 per month

Your website will be built to meet your requirements and will include as standard:


A Home Page

An About Page

A Services or Products Page

A News, Events or Information Page

Contact Form Page

And a Blog Page

If you wish we can also regularly update your blog and website for as little as £4.99 per month

Go to a Demo to see an example website.

free up some time!

Often, our work can take precedence over everything else in our lives. Our desire to succeed can leave us forgetting about our own well-being.

Let us help take some weight off your shoulders. Having a good work/ life balance minimises stress and burnout. A professional business assistant specialist and can maximise your overall efficiency  

Beach Family

outsourcing tips

how to better utilise your time
How many support hours you need
which tasks you need support with
how to calculate costs Versus investments
How to prioritise your needs and requirements



better use of time

Start by keeping a list of the tasks you regularly spend your time on in a typically given period. e.g.


Create & send Newsletters = 4 Hours Monthly


Customer service Issues = 14 Hours Weekly


Answering Emails = 6 Hours Weekly


IT Issues = 8 Hours Monthly


Household tasks = 2 Hours Daily


Phone calls to clients = 10 Hours Weekly

Now, from the above list, decide which of those tasks take time you could  utilise more productively 


1.  IT Issues = 8 Hours Monthly


2. Create & send Newsletters = 4 Hours Monthly


Total Support Requirement = 12 Hours Monthly


If you plan to spend your extra spare time improving your work/ life balance, then that’s a cost, which is fine, but you need to work out if you can afford that cost.


investment for growth

Write a list of the tasks that you need to do but can’t find the time for, or you don’t have the skill-sets to do. e.g.


Tendering for new business: Priority Urgent


Writing a new business plan: Priority ASAP


Doing Competitor Analysis: Priority ASAP


IT Issues & Problems: Priority ASAP


Updating WordPress website: Priority Urgent


Market Research on Competitors: Priority ASAP

Now, from the above list, decide on the most important and the hours you need to be spent on each


1. Tendering for new business = 8 Hours


2.Updating WordPress website = 8 Hours


Total Investment Requirement 16 Hours


 If this time is going to add to the growth of your business and has a strong possibility of creating extra revenue, then it’s an investment.

PROFESSIONAL small BUSINESS ASSISTANCE SPECIALIST from only £3.99 per 30-minute task

South West UK-based Support

Web & IT Solution Outsourcing 

Dedicated Support

P.A. Outsourcing Options

Customer Service Outsourcing Options

Marketing and Planning Outsourcing

Now you have a pretty clear picture of what your needs are, it’s time to contact us for a chat.  You can then begin to plan the productive ways in which you can use your new spare time!



“I’ve really enjoyed working with Small Biz Support; so if you need to outsource, then you need them. They’re always polite and professional with my partners and clients and I feel more at ease knowing they are there to assist when I need them. They are tenacious in getting results and completing tasks and always come to the rescue when I’m drowning in work.”

Mark Wheeler.  I.T. Centre


“Small Biz Support are creative thinkers, consummate professionals, conscientious, hard-working, discreet, and proactive with their ideas. They’re organised, warm and personable and quite happy to do the jobs I hate. Life is so much more pleasant when you can count on people like them.”

Brian Morgan. BEST Electrics